Mi vida gris

y otros colores

9 November
science geek, occasional fangirl
Where I come from: One parent from North America, the other from South America, raised on an island between the two. A wonderful sister and a core of amazing friends helped me put roots down, and kept me from spending all of my time with my nose in a book. With them, I discovered music and independent film. Through my parents, I discovered science and religion.

Where I am: For a while a physicist, then teacher of physics, now back in school to prepare to be a better teacher. I miss the job and the kids and the fabulous coworkers (not the non-fabulous ones though). It was really hard work but easier than dealing with my depression, anxiety and tendency to isolate myself. Mental illness is a weird thing. But I'm working on it.

Where I'm going: ?

What's up with this LJ thing: Started reading fanfic a while ago. Partially, cause I'm still 12 when it comes to cute boys. But mostly for other reasons. Like I love reading. It's one of the art forms that I consider necessary to learn about the world, or me. But my attention span can't really handle novels as well as it used to. And short stories are great, but you can't get as deeply involved in a character as I like. So here's this thing called fanfic, that writes in a pre-existing universe. And depending on a writer's talent can become a deep character study or a funny piece of crack or a fluffy romance novel. I like the flexibility, I like seeing how different people interpret the exact same situations. So I initially got this account to just give non-anonymous feedback. I have no clue what else I'll do with it.